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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Television Journalism's 5 Most Attractive Women of 2012

In one year of television news watching, several female news talents have caught my male eye. From day to day, depending upon the age of and the amount of the makeup used, the attractiveness of various female news talents will vary. Some look good in it, while some don't(on that same wavelength, some will use too much, while some will use too little). With that said, only 5 female news talents really stand out to my eye as being of the highest calibre of attractiveness, regardless of the makeup content. This list is merely based upon my personal taste, and not on my view of the person's journalistic integrity. I won't take my precious time to explain why I consider them to be such, as I find that explaining one's tastes is a rather hard feat to pull off. With all that in mind, here is my list of television journalism's 5 most attractive women of 2012(listed from 5th to 1st):

5. Trish Regan(Bloomberg)

4. Brooke Baldwin(CNN)

3. Kate Bolduan(CNN)

2. Savannah Guthrie(NBC News)

1. Erin Burnett(CNN)

I hope you appreciated my 2 cents, and I hope you'll give your 2 cents in the comments.

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