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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Predictions and Thoughts on the WI Recall

Scott Walker(R)-52%
Tom Barrett(D)-48%

When this recall first came to my attention back in February or March, 2011, I never doubted that, given the circumstances up to that point, this recall could be successful, but I questioned the need/necessity for it. After all, Walker had only been Governor for 1-2 months. I figured they needed to give him more time. They didn't, and I, like everyone else, saw this as mere knee-jerking on the part of the Democrats. Once the public got off the anti-Walker euphoria ride and opened there eyes, they saw the same as I did. As a result, not one poll has shown anything short of Walker having the edge in his bid to fend off said recall election. Maybe if the Democrats were more tactful, they might be in a better position. Instead, they are going to lose something that they, ordinarily, should have walked away with, and might possibly end up putting the state in play come November.

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