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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Musings on Depression

I was thinking of this as I was riding through a northern suburb of Atlanta yesterday afternoon.

You want to know the kind of setting that would weigh the most heavily upon a depressed man such as myself?

Try a hot summer afternoon in the city.

That hot sun beating down upon your face is like the weight of the world reining decisive blows down upon you.

And the cars whizzing by you can reinforce these preconceived notions you have that no one gives a damn about you.

And then there's those business types that make up the inner-city crowd.

Those types, battling it out for a position atop the company ladder, have lost all touch with everyone else, which also reinforces aforementioned preconceived notions.

And the gang violence really hammers home a bloody fine point.

If you want true happiness in a protracted depressed state, then surround yourself with the best of your best friends and hang out in the secluded countryside.

People may call this solution over-simplified.

I call it learning from what I didn't do.

Just my musings on depression.

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