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Friday, March 2, 2012

March 2, 2012, Severe Weather Outbreak: Take Cover or Die!!!

On the weather map today, a Cold Front stationed around the Mississippi River Valley is spreading out wind shear across the entire Southern United States, paving the way for a massive, large-scale severe weather outbreak today, tonight, and tomorrow morning. The main threats from this storm system are violent, long-track tornadoes, large hail, straight-line winds, and torrential rainfall. Ahead of the Cold Front, severe thunderstorms have been reported across the Carolinas, the Virginias, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri. Damage from severe weather has been reported across Alabama, Tennessee, and Illinois. This is only the beginning, folks. Here are the current risks for severe weather:

General Risks:

Tornadic Risks:

Wind Risks:

Hail Risks:

As you can see, North Central Tennessee, Central Kentucky, Southeast Central Indiana, and Southwestern Ohio have a high risk of seeing destructive, supercell thunderstorms. Northeast and Central Mississippi, North and Central Alabama, Northern Georgia, all of Kentucky and Tennessee, extreme Southeastern Missouri, South Central Illinois, the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, extreme Southwestern Virginia, Western West Virginia, South Central Indiana, and South Central Ohio are under a moderate risk(some areas are already under a high risk). If risks are updated again, I expect Eastern Kentucky, Central and Eastern Tennessee, Southern Ohio, Western West Virginia, Southwestern Virginia, the Great Smokies of North Carolina, Northwestern Georgia, and Northeastern Alabama to be moved into a high risk area. Particularly Dangerous Situation Tornado Watches have already been issued for Southeastern Missouri, Southern Illinois, South Central Indiana, West and Central Kentucky, and Southwest and Central Ohio. I expect many, many more to be issued today. Tornado Watches have been issued out ahead of the Cold Front for Northeastern Alabama, Northwestern Georgia, Western Tennessee, extreme Western North Carolina, and Southwestern Virginia(Northeastern AL and Northwestern GA have since been removed from the watch area). This is a dangerous storm system, and you are advised to spend the day in a place of sturdy and safe shelter as these storms converge upon the Southern United States. The Weather Channel's Dr. Greg Forbes' "Tor:Con" Index has East Central Kentucky and Eastern and Central Tennessee at 9/10, Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, and Southern Ohio at 8/10, and Northern Alabama and Norhern Mississippi at 7/10 chances of seeing tornadoes within a 50 mile radius. This is a dangerous day. Take cover or die, because this is an urgent situation!

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