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Monday, December 5, 2011

America the Thin-Skinned Whinybaby, Part 2

From CBS Boston:

BOSTON (CBS) – A 7-year-old boy accused of sexual harassment for kicking another student in the groin will be transferred to a new school in the city of Boston.

The first grader’s mother, Tasha Lynch, met with Tynan Elementary School officials for a disciplinary hearing on Monday. She had said her son, Mark Curran, was defending himself when he kicked an alleged bully in the crotch.

Lynch told WBZ-TV Monday that her two children will be transferred to a new school in the city. Lynch said she will keep her kids out of school until the transfer process, which can take up to 48 hours, is complete.

Lynch also told WBZ-TV that both of her sons are happy with the change.

No charges will be filed in the incident.

The school declined commenting on the hearing, calling it a “specific student disciplinary matter.”

Why aren't they transferring the bully? Come on, people! Where's the justice? This is what happens when government gets into Education. We all become thin-skinned whinybabies.

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